Those Who Care For Adults Who Can’t

There is this one saying. If you are a believer, you would have heard it said that God helps those who help themselves. And of course, it goes without saying that those who make no efforts in life will be going nowhere in life. This, seriously, is perhaps not how those who work with or are associated with the adult care services massachusetts network will be taking matters to heart. Long before you perhaps, these may be people that have asked the question.

What about those hapless people who really cannot help themselves? Are they expected to continue to be left on the sidelines of society and life purely because they can never help themselves? And should this be allowed? Not at all, as well as you can imagine. These, and more, may be questions that competent and experienced, as well as registered and trained, caregivers may be asking themselves each and every morning when they wake up in the morning and ready themselves for work.

Although it must be said that this is not work. It is not any old how nine to five job, occupation or preoccupation. It is a calling. It is a vocation. The complexities of human leadership may come to the fore. There are those who will say that leadership is something that a person is born with. And there are others who, full credit to them for having that belief, will say that leadership skills can be taught, if not honed.

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Not everyone is even aware that they are born leaders. Similar sentiments could be shared in terms of being a caregiver. Could vocational skills be taught? Or must the helpless person remain dependent on that rare segment of humanity that is characterized by its solid heart of gold?